Giash Ahmed

Born in Bangladesh in 1965, Giash Ahmed: Chairman and CEO, by himself and immigrant from Bangladesh. Established the business in 2005 to assist immigrant elder community in tri-state area. The business has grown exponentially due to hard work and dedication of Mr. Ahmed.

Having strong affiliation to people oriented business and humanitarian purposes, he ran for NYS senate back in 2002. He is well known in the community and currently works as an advisor to senator John Liu.

Mr. Ahmed is the Chairman of the board of America Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and president of Jackson Heights Bangladesh Business Association, Inc.

Mr. Ahmed received his LLM degree from Ohio State University back in 1989. He also had a degree in law from Bangladesh before he migrated to the USA. 

Mr. Ahmed is very hard working and persuasive. Due to his networking experience and good will the business grossed 13 million in gross revenue in 2020 and over 33 Million in 2021. 

Mr. Ahmed, as a CEO of the operation oversees 6 branches and their respective operations. Total employee count for all locations is over 1500.